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Bedtek's Hi-Lo fully electric adjustable beds, with 4 motors, and tilt function.

Bedtek supplies a number of its own brand of premium fixed, manual lift and electric slat inserts. Thanks to our German partner Grosana, electric slats up to 120cm in width, can now can be mounted on the Grosana "Hublifter", convert them into the ultimate carer-bed for hospital or home use.

Standard functions of the electric slat and Hublifter package include:

  1. 4 motors
  2. back and head power-electric lift - to sit up in bed for comfort, healthy sleep (reflux problems), mobility, getting in and out of bed, and for eating, reading and for chatting to visitors.
  3. knee-break sections with power-electric lift for raising the legs - aids blood-circulation, reduces pressure on the heart, alleviates vascular-related discomfort, or simply for resting weary legs.
  4. platform up and down actions - to raise you to a comfortable height for getting out of bed, and for when your carer performs physical work.
  5. platform tilt head-down and tilt legs-down actions - for clients who require tilted-sleeping whilst lying flat.
  6. lockable castor wheels for easy movement of bed for cleaning or access.

All the beds displayed for sale are suitable for use with the Hi-Lo power electric adjustable bed. Please see below for details.

Please contact Guy Crommelin (mobile: 0488664561) for advice in regard to these specialised Bedtek services and products.

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